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Barrett 82A1 = Long Range Shooting

We recently got a brand new semi-automatic Barrett 82A1 in stock!! Getting this in got me thinking about long range shooting again. Back in the day, I had a friend own this same rifle and was hitting 12” plates at 1500 yards. When I was in the Army, I heard of soldiers taking out targets at 1 mile! I personally have never shot this rifle to test the mile theory but have shot targets at 850 yard with a 6.5 creedmore round in the Ruger Precision rifle. Friends claim the .308 is better, other want a 7mm. Guess it’s time to dust off the boots, hit the range and ring some  steel once again.

Reach out today to get your loan range rifles along with your favorite ammo. If it’s not listed on the site that doesn’t mean we don’t have it, just means I haven’t gotten the inventory up for you to view.

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Christmas Raffle!!

Raffle Ticket

Now through 1/15/18 we will be hosting a raffle for a brand new Core 15 M4 Scout rifle!! Simply add the raffle ticket to your cart and check out like normal, or better yet!! Buy a product and get 5 entries into the raffle simply by purchasing a product of your choosing!!

Visit us at for your chance to win!!


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